Go BIG, or go home?

Do you find yourself to be in an situation where you have opportunities for growth? The next step? That is where I am finding myself. A great step to be at, but all the more, making me feel excited and anxious about what is to come. Over the past week I’ve been reflecting on my journey and my future. It looks a little different now, than it did a couple years ago.

For those of you who don’t know, I was part of the Route 91 shooting. Needless to say that experience shook me to my core. Going through that experience has made me have to rebuild on parts of myself that were once so strong. For example, my fearlessness and drive looks a little different. Within the last three months, so many people have spoken into my life. I started feeling like I was “getting back” to where I once was. I find myself excited about presenting again to other educators, stepping out of my comfort zone, and being stretched. Another source of inspiration has been the author, Rachel Hollis. I’ve read both her books, Girl Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing. From her books, I have gained perspective, belief and direction.

An excerpt from Girl, Stop Apologizing states this:

“If I could tell you anything, if I could convince you to believe it, it’s that you were made for more. You were made to have the dreams you’re afraid of having. You were made to do the things you don’t think you’re qualified for. You were made to be a leader. You were made to contribute. You were made to make changes for good, both in your local community and the world at large. You were made to be more than you are today and–this is the important part–your version of more might not look like my more, or hers.”

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

This excerpt made me pause for awhile. It reminded me that I am made for more. I’m made to contribute my passions and talents, that the Lord has blessed me with. AND SO ARE YOU. I write this blog post to not only allow me to reflect and put it down on paper (or my google doc), but to encourage those of you who need it. I feel like so often we get stuck, we limit ourselves, we stay complacent, and we diminish our dreams due to fear. I’m here to remind you along with Rachel Hollis, that the world needs YOU. We need your talents, strengths, weaknesses, triumphs, etc., to help shape and mold our local community and the world at large.

Another great point that Rachel Hollis brings up, is the idea of “comparison” as you carry out your dream. We have to remember that we all bring something to the table. What we bring may be more than others, but it’s never better, it’s just different. In the past, I’ve struggled with comparing my life, my talents, my passions to those I’ve interacted with. It robbed me at times and limited my ability to share with those who needed it. So I encourage you as you step out and live out your dream, to not get burdened or discouraged by the thief of comparison.

I’m sure as you read this you are either on fire to set out to accomplish your dreams or you are still struggling with taking the first step. The fact that you are even thinking about it, means you are a driven person. So you have two options according to Hollis, “Go big or go home?” She then concludes, “I never go home.”

Listen, I cannot emphasize enough how much of a struggle stepping out of my comfort zone has been over the course of my life and most recently within these past two years. But what I received from stepping out of my comfort zone can never be measured. The Lord has used me and taught me some valuable life lessons. Allow Him to use you to accomplish the dreams He has for your life, as well as your own.

So here I go, taking more bold steps to accomplishing my dreams and hopefully impacting those around me. I’ll keep you posted…

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