Creating GIFs via Screencastify


Hello Education World!

It’s been awhile! I apologize for my absence. My world was joyfully transformed by becoming an Administrator and also completely devastated as I went through a life and death encounter. It’s been a crazy five months, but I am finally finding stability to get back to what I am so passionate about.

So what I would like to share with you today is on GIFs. I know you see the hilarious ones that come up on your text messages and Twitter apps,  but have you ever thought about using them for the classroom?

When I was in the classroom, I would use GIFs at least once a week to help show my students a new technology tool. I never had enough time to get through what I wanted to do in class, so I would record GIFs and plug them into a Slides Presentation. That way my students could watch at their leisure and get to know what program/tool we would be using the next day.

There are so many other ways for GIFs to be used in the classroom. One thing I wished I would have done in my classroom would have been to create tutorials on how students could access information such as how/where to find missing work or work while they were absent. I’m sure if you have students like I did, they would ask the #1 question, “did we do anything yesterday, while I was gone?” Often, I’m sure you quick to reply with something snappy or think to yourself how many times have I gone over this. To help prevent you from continued frustration using GIFs to show students where to go and how to do it is powerful.

Here is my tutorial on how to Create GIFs via Screencastify.

I’m sure there are others ways you Educators are using GIFs. If so, please share!